a match made in tax heaven

Distinctively you. Tailored to meet your unique lifestyle and the fast paced demands of today's virtual world, My Way CPA provides the tax services you deserve-effortless, accessible, personal, affordable-all from a licensed CPA. Our convenient, internet-based business is the perfect match for on-the-go professionals and entrepreneurs like you. All tax returns are prepared in the United States by seasoned tax accountants who take the time to understand your individual needs. And you can do it all from the comfort of your living room, your office, your hotel room, your...wherever.

Life is too busy and your time is too precious to be doing taxes the old way

Who wouldn't want the expertise of a licensed CPA at the price of most tax preparation services? And whether you move across town or across the country, your CPA stays with you, making the planning and preparation of your taxes easy, year after year.

The evolution of taxes (The CPA vs. the tax preparer)

Until this year, tax preparers who were not certified public accountants (CPAs) were regulated very little, if at all. Even today there are no minimum education requirements for tax preparers, such as a high school or college degree. CPAs, on the other hand, must meet very stringent requirements. At My Way CPA, every return is prepared and reviewed by a licensed CPA. To learn more about the education requirements of a licensed CPA, please click here.

Taxes at the speed of you

Upload your documents on our secure client portal. Pay an online deposit to get started. And go. One of our CPAs will touch base with you and the rest as they say, is history. It really is that easy and that quick. For a more detailed look at how we work, click here.